Preventive oncology

Preventive oncology for auxiliary counteractive action concentrates on routine clinical and research centre techniques for early identification and treatment of growth, patient administration and instruction, administration of reparable sores, training and way of life adjustment. Counteractive action of tumor can happen on a few unique levels: essential aversion addresses the reason for growth so ailment does not happen, optional avoidance recognizes sickness before the onset of side effects and keeps it from turning out to be more broad, and tertiary anticipation lessens difficulties and movement of ailment once it has turned out to be clinically clear. Preventive oncology for secondary prevention of cancer involves:

  • Screening modalities and their cost effectiveness
  • Public awareness and professional education
  • Methodological issues of cancer detection
  • Screening guidelines for cancer detection
  • Management of patients with preneoplastic alterations
  • Management of early curable neoplasms
  • Novel therapeutic approaches

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